Celebration of Christmas: 
Experience The Wonder


2017 marks the 39th consecutive year of Celebration of Christmas. The show has captured the imagination of thousands of people through this spectacular production. 
This year, the show will showcase a brand new story line that takes the audience on a journey to discover the wonder of Christmas with all-new scenes, a full live orchestra, incredible special effects, colorful costumes, awe-inspiring aerial stunts and culminating in a beautiful life Nativity with a majestic Kings’ procession that will take your breath away. 

Artwork Concept 

This year’s artwork concept is centered around the themes of wonder, hope, and child-like imagination. The goal is to create a sense of curiosity for the audience to want to come along the journey. 

The artwork will be translated into a series of promo videos and promotions, in which people will be able to get a glimpse of The Wonder of Christmas. 
The artwork will be updated in the website, social media, print, and everywhere is showcased. 


Experience the Wonder...

Design Team

April Edwards, Denisse Leon
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